Frank R. Schmidt


We provide the following software libraries as open-source to the scientific community.


PlanarCut is a library that solves the s-t-cut problem for planar graphs. It also provides for several easy-to-use interfaces in order to define planar graphs that are common in computer vision applications.

Efficient Planar Graph Cuts with Applications in Computer Vision


Visual Annotation Tool

VATool is a graphical interface that helps to annotate a whole video. It provides 64bit executables for a Linux environment. The software has been testen on Ubintu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04.

Term of Use
The dataset and software is provided for research purposes only. Any commercial use is prohibited. If you are interested in a commercial use, please contact the copyright holder. When using the dataset or code in your research work, you should cite the following paper:
Video Segmentation with Just a Few Strokes